october progress report

Sorry for the lack up posts this month. I can't say it's been a busy month, but it's not been a lax one either. I've been spending most of my days cycling the trails in and around here and communing with nature for the most part. There was a failed attempt at getting the beagle to run alongside as I biked, but she was having none of it. She seems to think anything moving on wheels is unnatural and should be bayed at with extreme prejudice. Everything else has moved along as planned but I've had to delay my departure. Well, it's not exactly a delay so much as adjusting to circumstances. Since I'm not leaving just yet I'll be headed to my favorite stomping grounds. Joshua Tree! I'm probably going to spend a few days or weeks there so I can clear my head. 

Here's how everything else panned out so far this last month. 

Building the tiny house on my CA property is out since real estate is improving again. I'm out to sell it raw now since I can get a fair price for it again. My intent to buy and build a home base in NM is still a go. Point of fact that is my land sale should net me more than enough to buy at least twice the land owned now.

The generator has been purchased, practiced, and test with now. I'm all set for power should I need more than solar/batteries can handle. 

I picked up a nice solid U bike lock, and am looking into a GPS tracking device should the lock fail me. I learned about it in a bike lock review article a few weeks ago. They're activate when the bike moves and automatically email you location updates. 

LED bulbs ordered and should arrive any day now!

The gazebo has come to a complete stop. Due to a lack of funds to cover the ridiculous disposal fees CA sees fit to charge we've had to postpone this until it can be afforded. We managed to dispose of what was removed without cost, mostly by the skin of our teeth. 

Air rifle gear has not sold, but I have received trade offers. None were worth the cost though and I'm kind of frustrate at all the low ball offers even when after saying "no low ball offers accepted".

No GS puppy yet. I held off because of family obligations. Mainly it would make training difficult with my attention split. Someone will have a fresh batch of puppies when I'm ready, and raising her in the desert with my other girl to help teach will be easier without distractions.

Other than that all is bueno!