two years

First off. My two year anniversary of employment at Best Friends was last week Thursday. I know! When I arrived I had no idea how things would play out for me. I arrived half expecting to bomb out during the interview only to return to everything I tried to leave behind. Instead I was given a shot by way of the two week working interview, and ultimately getting hired. This journey has been one of the most rewarding ones I've ever undertaken in my life. I've learned so much in this new endeavor and continue discovering new things every day.

Now that I've come this far I'm thinking in terms of what my next move will be. I'm not looking to leave this organization or what I currently do so much as start to plan how I want to proceed in this organization. When I arrived I did a mini assessment and came up with either moving into training or medical as a vet tech (possibly more). I've had immersion days in both now and am no closer to a decision than when I started. That's ok though. I think spending more time in my current role as a dog caregiver will not hinder and only help me in the long run. One of the parameters I need to consider now which wasn't something I had to deal with before, is my advancing age. Ok, I know you ancient ones out there will say I'm still young blah blah blah. The reality is we all age differently and I may start falling apart sooner than you did, or worse, die. However, while I'm still full of piss and vinegar I intend to do what drives my passion. Albeit in my now signature calm, cool, and collected overall demeanor. I know that I'll never truly stop learning in anything I do, but it's simply a matter of finding the right path.

There are some potential changes due to come into my life soon, but I'm not at liberty to discuss them yet. I will, I promise. My next post will be, humorous. Mainly for any audience willing to read it. For me it was a slow familial torture which I'll be sharing with you in my next post. Until then ... I void warranties!


the shuttle ride

Last month when family was visiting I was showing them the sites at one of the nearby national parks. Zion to be exact. For anyone who hasn't visited yet, they have an excellent shuttle service. There are roughly 9-10 stops from beginning to end and the wait is (at worst) approximately 15 minutes between them. I know this because I live less than 20 minutes away and have a national parks pass. So I'm there with the uncle and aunt and we've seen everything we want to see and catch the shuttle back to the main visitors center. I pull out my smartphone to play a little Ingress. Yes there's signal (sporadic) out there, and portals I can interact with. During the ride back a brother and sister in their 20's board and sit on the bench behind me. He notices I'm into what I'm doing and can't resist saying something we both know is well within earshot of me. It turned out to be a piss poor attempt at shaming me. I wish self righteous pricks would learn to keep their mouths shut when they don't have all the facts. To be fair to the guy he might've thought I was a visiting "Asian" tourist who doesn't understand or speak english. Although in retrospect that makes him more of a prick for talking about people who are unable to defend themselves. Here's a transcript (based on memory) of what was said.

SRP: Why would you want to do that when ... look at all this scenery. 
Me: *thinks to self* Here we go
SRP: On the way in I saw a lady playing solitaire on her smarthphone. I mean why come out here if you're gonna do that. She never looked up once.
Me: *turns around* I live here, and have for two years. I also happen work in this scenery year round.
SRP: *stunned silence*
Me: I have a national parks pass and hike here frequently so forgive me if I use my smartphone while riding the shuttle. 
SRP: Sorry.
Me: I see this scenery all the time and never tire of it but that doesn't mean I have to stare at it every waking moment each time I'm here. 
SRP's Sister: Hey ... 
Me: *cuts her off* I was minding my own business before he chose a course of action firmly aimed at me which I had to endure. At least I have the courtesy of addressing him directly instead of pulling that passive aggressive bullshit!
SRP's Sister: blah blah 
Me: *wasn't listenting and cut her off again* Do you have anything else you need to either say to me or passive aggressively say about what I'm doing behind my back, if not I'll go back to quietly minding my own business!!!
SRP & SRP's Sister: *silence*
Me: Thank you *turns back around and resumes playing ingress*

I didn't hear a word uttered by either for the remainder of the ride. My uncle and aunt didn't hear the exchange despite being seated in front of me. Not that it would've mattered. When we arrived at the visitors center I waited for everyone behind me to exit. Neither of them would make eye contact with me as they left. I did catch a few toothy grins from the people who saw this final exchange.