About 2 months ago I started toying with the prospect of dating again. This last year in TX has allowed me to catch my breath since the 3 prior years didn't. The way my last relationship ended had really hurt so as a result it's been a few years (longer than the 3) since my last date. When my friends heard I was thinking about this, they encouraged me and suggested using something online since I'm new in town. About a month ago I almost signed up. Almost, but in the end I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had 3 really big reasons that stopped me.
  1. I want nothing interfering with my plans to full time
    (everything else I planned was decimated by the bad economy)
  2. I have no desire to be anchored in San Antonio
    (it's not a bad city, but I moved here only for a job)
  3. If cupid's arrow finds me now of all times. I'm pulling it out and stabbing that pot bellied cherub right in the flowers for picking this time to strike. 
I know that sounds harsh, and I really don't mean it like that. The reason this has come up is because of an incident with a friend last week. I received a text from her about wanting me to meet her coworker. My friend pushed pretty hard to arrange a meeting between us on my next visit to CA. I accepted reluctantly and with reservations. It'll be two more weeks before I arrive in CA for my visit. 

I think I made a mistake agreeing to this.


debt freedom

I began reviewing my finances last month to have an idea of where I'm at. Currently, I owe 28k which is comprised of my truck and trailer loans along with various credit cards. I'm taking out a low interest rate loan to cover 3k worth of high interest rate CC's and the IRS. This will help me pay all this down faster while being able to save again.

About 10 years ago I bought 5 acres of land which I was holding onto for retirement. Unfortunately it's in CA and I am not ever going back for too many reasons. I decided to sell it to help pay some bills off and maybe buy land in another state. I contacted a Realtor to get some info and wound up learning that it's worth more than twice my total debt now. I'm so freaking happy!

After all the things I've been through I honestly never thought I would live to see this day. I know I'm not there just yet, but I am so very close now. When I hit the road I'll only have to work long enough to pay monthly expenses.

I was planning on hitting the road around March of this year, but am altering my plans. I will continue working until the land sells. I can keep paying down the balances with said income and use less from the sale of the land to pay off the remaining balances when it sells.

Life is good!