About 2 months ago I started toying with the prospect of dating again. This last year in TX has allowed me to catch my breath since the 3 prior years didn't. The way my last relationship ended had really hurt so as a result it's been a few years (longer than the 3) since my last date. When my friends heard I was thinking about this, they encouraged me and suggested using something online since I'm new in town. About a month ago I almost signed up. Almost, but in the end I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had 3 really big reasons that stopped me.
  1. I want nothing interfering with my plans to full time
    (everything else I planned was decimated by the bad economy)
  2. I have no desire to be anchored in San Antonio
    (it's not a bad city, but I moved here only for a job)
  3. If cupid's arrow finds me now of all times. I'm pulling it out and stabbing that pot bellied cherub right in the flowers for picking this time to strike. 
I know that sounds harsh, and I really don't mean it like that. The reason this has come up is because of an incident with a friend last week. I received a text from her about wanting me to meet her coworker. My friend pushed pretty hard to arrange a meeting between us on my next visit to CA. I accepted reluctantly and with reservations. It'll be two more weeks before I arrive in CA for my visit. 

I think I made a mistake agreeing to this.

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