catching up

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been feeling uninspired to write lately and the lack of movement where the trailer upgrades are concerned hasn't helped matters. I blame it on the 100° plus weather we're having here in Texas. Thankfully that's all coming to a close and I've got a few things to talk about again.

Yesterday I ordered a new kind of LP tank to replace the one that was stolen. This one won't be stored with the trailer for obvious reasons, but I have a few new ones to add now. I paid $99 for it. It's superior to the steel LP tanks in a couple of ways in that it won't rust, weighs less, and is see-thru! It's due to arrive in another day or two and I look forward to breaking it in this weekend.

I bought a new screen to replace the one over my heat exhaust ports on the trailer. The springs they use to hold them in place last about a year before they give out. I'm thinking now that maybe I shouldn't have and instead made something to replace the springs. I know I can always return it, but I hate back and forth travel for anything more than food.

One of the things that happened recently was losing a hard drive in my laptop. I replaced the hard drive but had to order recovery discs to re-image it. I procrastinated and bought a netbook to use in it's stead. When I finally got around to ordering/receiving them, the discs were damaged. ASUS was kind enough to overnight a new set to me which will arrive today. I'm hoping these will work and I can get my old laptop back up in time for the trip. The netbook, although very handy, is too small and murder on my eyes. Getting old sucks this way and I know I'll break it in half if I have to use it much longer.

Next week I have a trip to New Mexico where I'll get a chance to meet a few full timers in person. I'm very much looking forward to the trip and meeting some of my fellow bloggers in person. More on this later.


well this sucks

On my way home from work today I stopped by the RV storage place where my trailer is at. I usually do this mid week to check in on, and on weekends to work on or wash. The last time was Tuesday of last week, and I didn't make it out over the weekend. Some complete and total ass-hat who probably has never touched human female breast other than his mothers stole my propane tank.

Have you seen me?
Color: White
Height: 12.5"
Weight: 20 Pounds

If you see my LP tank please report it's whereabouts back to me ASAP. If the thief tries to leave with it, you have my permission to incapacitate the thief in any way necessary. And by necessary I mean pick up the tank and strike him behind the base of the skull or squarely between the legs with it.



narrow escape

My sister texted me that they were being released late yesterday afternoon. Shortly after that I received a phone call. Turns out he didn't have pneumonia after all, but it was a severe case of asthma. This is what she was attempting to explain to me via text earlier this morning but didn't get a chance to explain in full until she phoned me later. I'm glad it's not as serious as we all thought it was and is thankfully over.