one and two

Since my lat promo I've been a lot busier than normal. I've been not only learning a whole different set of procedures, but building relationships with 19 new dogs. Technically it's really only 18 since one of the dogs came from my old area. In addition to that I'm also taking on the challenge reorganizing things a bit. That's not to say they're unorganized, but there's always room for improvement.

The buildings are older, smaller, and lack some of the amenities the newer ones (I had worked in prior) posses. Such as radiant floor heating, a bathroom, and paving around the entirety of the octagon. There is heating but it's a small ceiling mounted space heater which does a decent job with it's only downfall being that it's kind of loud when running. Not that you can hear it when something gets the dogs riled up. A lot of sand gets tracked in by human and dog alike so things are always kinda gritty in there.

This area gets less volunteers due to there being purple and red collar dogs present in addition to green. We have a lot of kids with behavioral issues and/or bad habits where they only get to be worked with by the caregivers and/or trainers. At least until they learn how to be good canine citizens. Yes, it is possible that some never do. Those who don't remain at the sanctuary where they can live out their lives. The lessened volunteer count allows me more time to work with the dogs versus my old area. This is great because this is (in part) what I came here for.

One unexpected side effect in getting more dog time is that I've been eating like a horse and still managing to lose weight. I spent a lot more time walking/training than before and it also being winter means I'm burning more calories as a result.

I can't say enough about becoming part of the Dogtown team. They've taken me under their wing, helped me at every turn, and teach me something new every day. This really is a special place in more ways than just the obvious ones.