my takeaway

Life has have seen fit to throw new challenges in life at me. These new ones have been far less physical and far more emotional than past ones. To be frank, the most pressing bits of bad news has taken taken it's worst toll on me. Speaking bluntly, my uncle died very recently. This bit of news was neither shocking nor a surprise. Uncle was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer towards the last few months of 2014. Everyone involved decided to give it the old college try and pursue a proper course of treatment. In the end, it wasn't enough. The cancer was too aggressive and my uncles fate decided well before what the rest of us had hoped for. When his time finally came, it rocked the family. Im honestly not sure where this leaves me. I'm still sorting it out and will follow up with my findings in the next post;

Sorry. I published a touch too soon. My takeaway from recent events is that life is very precious no matter what season we're in. That being stated. I cry much less than I used to, and am ever more thankful than ever before regarding my current lot in life. Who I was and who I am now breaks my heart in a way that most won't ever understand. As many good decisions that I've made, I've equally made some very bad ones. That's life I guess.


visionaries - best friends

This is a PBS documentary show featuring the organization I work for. This isn't the one I was filmed in, but might have been incidentally filmed in. I watched and didn't see myself in it, but I did see a lot of my coworkers. It's well worth the watch and will only take about up about 26 minutes of your time. Enjoy!

annoyingly creepy

This thing has been creeping me out since I arrived here last May. It's supposed to be Mater from the movie Cars, and is in front of the local supermarket which is across from where I'm living. The market never bothers to turn it off so you hear the stupid thing all night long. I almost forgot about it because I was sleeping with my windows closed over the fall and winter. Now that spring is here and things have warmed nicely. I'm starting to crack my window again at night and reliving every creepy nightmare that's getting influenced by it. I'm very tempted to sneak over one night and wire in a receiver so that I can transmit my own version of disturbing Mater'isms. During business hours.