tick of the clock

My vacation couldn't come soon enough as I was really starting to burn out from work. I had nine days of doing virtually anything I wanted, and it was mostly nothing. I did that with the exception of the three days that my aunt and uncle were in town. We spent two days sightseeing the national parks and one day where we toured the sanctuary I work at. They really enjoyed the sights but really loved learning about the work we do at the sanctuary. For me it's always great to be able to share the things that I love with family. Don't get me wrong, I also had six days completely to myself and the beagle and we thoroughly decompressed in that time.

Getting back to work was easier than I was on myself. I wound up weeding almost the entire front area of my octagons. I paid the price the following morning when I encountered some minor difficulties getting out of bed. Luckily that was the worst of it and there were no further issues.

I also celebrated my birthday this month. I wasn't able to get that day off due to it being all staff week at work, but am taking a day off tomorrow to make up for that. My sister surprised me by contacting my team lead and having her pickup a cake for me at work. Grace wasn't about to let me quietly turn 50 without it being celebrated. Even though I've made it to the half century mark, I certainly don't feel, look, and often times act it. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to act at this age having lost the manual. I'm having fun and loving my life as it is now and hope it only continues to get better. 


i'm alive

My exam turned up only that my blood pressure was slightly high. At my request we took a lipid panel and also checked for diabetes since my father has type 2. The panel came back with my cholesterol and triglyceride levels as being high. I'd thought that they would be starting me on statins but instead prescribed something called Lovaza. This is basically a fish oil pill available only via prescription due to how strong it is compared to over the counter fish oil pills. I've been on it a little over a week now. The week I wasn't feeling well I had changed my diet to being almost all vegetarian and have kept it that way. Those two things and the onslaught of exercise I had to perform at work has helped me feel a whole lot more normal that I've felt in a while. Funny how you sometimes don't realize what's missing until you get it back.

Things are going great at work, not that they've ever been bad. Difficult at times yes, but not bad. One of the nicest things is that there isn't pressure to turn out a product like there was in my former career. It's understood that the goals we're working towards will take as long as they take. Resources notwithstanding we usually have what we need, but are resourceful enough to come up with (creative) alternatives.

I was on the verge of writing a post about how lonesome I've felt lately; even though it's been a partially self imposed thing. In the end I felt that it would be a woe is me post and I want to steer away from indulging in that kind of a feeling. It makes for a shitty read and more importantly has often and historically led me nowhere.

I'm coming up on my one year anniversary of my new trailer. I've had a few things break that weren't built as sturdy as I'd thought, but my repairs are definitely improvements on the original design. I remember reading about how much better your rig will be after living in it for a few years. This has proven to be the case both times.

Looking forward I've got an upcoming visit from my aunt and uncle next month. This aunt in particular was the one who heard out my reasons for wanting to change not just careers but my entire way of life. She encouraged and got me to ask the right questions whenever I would start to doubt myself. I can't wait to show her where I live now and the work I'm doing.


time time time

. . . see what's become of me.

I've had so many things enter and slip away which I've been meaning to write about, but never seem to find the time to do so before it slips away into the ether again. Most has been life happening while making other plans, but part of it is my (fault) re-immersion into the world of Eve Online. The recent upgrades/changes/rebalancing has made it too good to resist playing again. Which leads into why my social life has taken a total dive. I've not tried to keep/maintain more than the bare minimum of relations over this past winter. I feel only slightly guilty over my total lack of social interaction effort.

In all of this my health has been wavering despite my healthy physical activity. A lot of somethings have been happening to me and after a lot of discussions with coworkers and some deep self evaluation. I'm getting fucking old and it sucks. My body has been handling most of what I do fairly well, but I'm realizing that I need a little more time than it used to take to recover.

In the immediate future I've got an appointment scheduled in a few days. Seems I may have contracted a bug that's going around which, in turn, has led me to make an unexpected discovery regarding my health. Nothing life or death, as far as I can tell now, but am going to get checked out all the same.