passing time

Winter is almost here but I'm raring and ready for it. A lot has happened since my last post so I'll do my best to catch everyone up on what's what.

Things at work were kind of rough because of reviews. I didn't do as well as I did the year before, but it wasn't a surprise. I was well aware of how difficult things have been lately, but they've improved drastically since. I'm currently working on accomplishing the requirements for me to make Tier II Caregiver. I've not had a decent vacation per se, but I've made good use of my accrued time off and given myself a couple of 3 or 4 day weekends. I think a vacation is in order once the new year hits. I need to get outta Dodge for an extended period.

I got back into martial arts with a focus on a particular weapon. The staff. I chose it mainly because of how inconspicuous it is for where I live. I'm surrounded by national parks/hikers. I also learned a few things about it that I'd never known before. The staff is called the father or grandfather of all weapons, and has a Buddhist leaning in that it is non lethal (at least the way the Shaolin monks used them). I've been training for a couple of months now and surprised myself in how much I've improved from when I started.

Remember way back when I was going to start making videos for this blog. I learned in my first couple of attempts that I may need a little more time to work out the kinks so it went on the backburner. I had a lot of life in between then and now as well as working out said kinks. The video project is moving forward but unfortunately it will not be associated with this blog in any way. The only reason I mention it is because I mentioned it and didn't want people thinking I flake out on stuff I start. In this case it's taken on a new life of it's own and I wish to keep things separate. Sorry.

Home. This is the bigger news. Now that I've been living here for over two and a half years I've decided to finally stake a claim. Yup, I'm going to be joining the exciting world of home ownership. I'm in process of getting the numbers together to buy land, and build a home on it. I realize that this is a complete 180 from full timing, but I'm not giving up my travel trailer. Not unless it's in exchange for a different or newer one. For now I'm staying the course life has led me into.

The biggest news I have to share is Bridgette turning 12 on Thanksgiving day. Yup, my little monster is still with me and doing great. Her birthday dinner consisted of chopped turkey, ham, gravy, and green beans. She passed out on the bed shortly after dinner and did not move until the following morning. B comes to work with me every day now, and has even pulled her own weight a few times. She's helped a few puppy mill dogs out with how to socialize, as well as participating in play dates with other dogs who needed a change of pace. Even the best sanctuary/shelters can still be stressful for dogs. For her birthday I got her an orthopedic dog bed which she absolutely LOVES!

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