the blowout

A few weeks ago I had returned home from work, turned on the AC, grabbed the trash, stepped outside, and closed the door. Ok, I slammed it but I swear I didn't do it that hard. No matter, it was enough to cause one of my windows to shatter outward. The combo of the AC being turned on and my slamming the door created enough positive pressure to shatter the window. RV windows are made from tempered glass which is supposed to withstand this on a very regular basis. I've only driven twice since purchasing it, and the second drive was just around the block. I guess that this was simply the time for that window to go. My neighbor provided me with the picnic tablecloth and some Alabama chrome to effect a temporary repair.

Getting it repaired, however, took longer than expected. It was a total of three plus weeks from the day it happened to the day the new pane was installed. No one in town could handle or was willing to even try. My insurance company had to go through a second party to handle it, and they were unable to find anyone. I had actually found a nationwide company on the day of, but had to wait for insurance to run their course of trying with locals first before expanding to nearby cities, and then finally giving up and going with my original suggestion. There was some back and forth regarding their wanting me to drive almost four hour drive (to/from) the shop for a measurement, with a repeat trip to install the window. Luckily they understood how much of an inconvenience this was and sent out someone to handle both parts of the repair. Everything is fixed and I'm happy that my home is back up to snuff again.

If this ever happens to you I highly recommend using Mobile RV Glass as they were professional in every way possible. The shop in question that did the repair is a partner and they were the ones asking me to drive in. In the end they worked with me and my living situation to get this done, and the repairman did an excellent job!

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