I've been working and playing hard a lot these last two months. Too tired to talk in detail but I'll give you a mild account of them.

My project dog Lego went to his forever home last week. I miss him dearly, and had hopes to give him a home myself but it didn't work out that way. Eight months of my life was devoted towards helping him overcome his fears and learn the tools to make the right choices in life to succeed. I know he'll do great!

I was finally was able to afford a new toy thanks to recent price drops. I got myself an Xbox One for half it's original cost as well as Halo 5. Most of the cost was absorbed via a $100 visa gift card from work, along with cash gifts from various family members as holiday gifts. I blew thru the game in about 15 hours (not contiguous though) and loved every minute of it. I'm looking forward to the next Halo release as well as taking advantage of other games made for said platform.

I've reached a point where I'm accruing way more time off than I think I possibly use, but I'm giving it my best shot. I'm allowed to carry over 100 hours into the new year, but taking time off isn't as easy here as one would think. A max of 5 people are allowed to take time off in my area so I have to very selectively pick and choose. I've gotten pretty good at giving myself 3-4 day weekends each month, but am feeling the need to take a week off.

On that note, I need to take off and take care of dinner.

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