architects cannot teach nature anything

Joshua Tree


Grand Canyon


Big Bend

I was going through pictures I took on past trips and remembered this quote (the blog title) by Mark Twain and how it fit so perfectly. My head and my heart are in each of these places. Counting the days.


silly silly sabi

I apologize for the brief departure from the normal subject matter of this blog. I'm super proud of the kid (my niece) and wanted to share this with everyone. I'm especially proud of what a great job the little sister did in raising her despite all the challenges they went through. My fondest memories are when she was 4 and we would watch Lion King while eating our cereal on Sunday mornings together at my parents old house.

Congratulations Sabi!


home improvement iv

Anyone keeping up will recall that I had begun a series of upgrades to the travel trailer. I'm sure you've been wondering what's happened with that. I never stopped purchasing all the odds and ends for it, and have been stockpiling them here at the apartment. If you recall, last September my propane tank was stolen. It was then that I made the decision to stop the upgrades. There was no sense in doing all that work only to have them removed, or worse yet have my whole trailer stolen. This was also partially why I didn't run out to buy and install the entire solar electrical system when I got last years tax return. The other reason is I want to be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest when I am ready to buy. The RV storage lot is secure and monitored 24/7, I just don't trust it as readily since losing my tank. At least not while my trailer is being stored at the very back of the lot and out of view of the cameras. A few weeks ago the owner had a vacancy come up in front and gave the space to me (in full camera view). Now that I'm there I'm gonna resume the upgrades, at least on a limited basis. It'll be nice to get back to working on the rig again and making it more functionally cozy.

fixing a hole

Another update on the state of my finances. This month I paid off my second to last credit card as well as the loan on my truck. This has freed up a combined $800+ of monthly income. The truck loan was to be paid off next month, but I decided to do it now and save a little on the interest. Next month the extra income will start going towards the balance on my overdraft protection which will be paid off in mid May. Starting in June I will alternate the extra cash each month towards the remaining loan and cc balances to pay them off.

2200 - Overdraft Protection
4500 - Travel Trailer Loan
9800 - Credit Card
16500 - Total remaining debt

This is starting to feel real good!


the author of his own health or disease

Just a quick update because things have been a bit busy and I'm still catching up. So I was sick again. This time it was just a slight fever and a cough which put me out of commission over the 3 day weekend. Yup, I got to spend all that wonderful copious free time in bed watching reruns on netflix and youtube videos. The beagle played nurse maid the whole time and never left my side so I owe my speedy recovery to her. My other health issues are done and I've been back to normal otherwise. The side effects from my meds have been eliminated since I take it only every other day now and I still reap the benefits. Best part is that I won't have to take it for much longer.


possible side effects

One of the medications I was put on a month ago has been doing wonders for me. Unfortunately, like all modern medicines, there are also possible side effects. The list of them are pretty lengthy but so far I've only suffered some of them and the effects have been fairly mild. Thankfully mild, or so I thought. As I was reviewing the list I couldn't help but feel like one of them was calling out to me. I knew it was something I'm not prone to normally but couldn't explain why I was feeling it. I had to find out so I persisted. I dug further.

Flu like symptoms
Vivid dreams
Feeling anxious
Muscle aches

So when the epiphany finally hit me I knew why I've been feeling emotionally needy lately. For the last several weeks every thing that didn't seem to go my way, small or large, affected me deeply. More so than was even reasonable. And this brings me to ask, why are we paying the highest premium on health care in this country? If the best they can do causes these side effects we should be paying a much lower premium since we're all being treated like guinea pigs. All I know is that I don't care and really need a hug right now. Maybe some chocolate and a deep tissue body massage would make me feel better too.