possible side effects

One of the medications I was put on a month ago has been doing wonders for me. Unfortunately, like all modern medicines, there are also possible side effects. The list of them are pretty lengthy but so far I've only suffered some of them and the effects have been fairly mild. Thankfully mild, or so I thought. As I was reviewing the list I couldn't help but feel like one of them was calling out to me. I knew it was something I'm not prone to normally but couldn't explain why I was feeling it. I had to find out so I persisted. I dug further.

Flu like symptoms
Vivid dreams
Feeling anxious
Muscle aches

So when the epiphany finally hit me I knew why I've been feeling emotionally needy lately. For the last several weeks every thing that didn't seem to go my way, small or large, affected me deeply. More so than was even reasonable. And this brings me to ask, why are we paying the highest premium on health care in this country? If the best they can do causes these side effects we should be paying a much lower premium since we're all being treated like guinea pigs. All I know is that I don't care and really need a hug right now. Maybe some chocolate and a deep tissue body massage would make me feel better too. 


  1. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    That's the best hug I can manage virtually. My best friend has been going through the same thing with a new allergy drug. At least you can recognize that the drug is affecting your mood at this point and move forward. Perhaps a lower dosage? Talk to your doctor about it for sure. Until then I'm sending tons of virtual hugs your way and if I was remotely within driving distance they would be real ones.

  2. Gratitude!

    The dosage is pretty low to begin with, but (as you stated) I now know what the cause is. More importantly I know why I've been bursting into tears at the end every episode of Deadwood. Since I've become aware of this particular side effect, I'm not as prone as I once was.

  3. I've had similar experiences with a couple of meds in the past. It does help to know in advance what the possible side effects may be. Also, I think it's good to remember that it is quite NORMAL to be depressed (for a while,anyway) when someone has to deal with a new health problem. Since I'm older and have had several to deal with simultaneously, it's now a bit easier to face them.

  4. My particular ailment isn't something new (per se) so much as it worsened when I'd thought I was getting better. I think the worst of it (for me) was having to shell out the money I did for the meds. And this was my health insurance heavily discounting the total cost.

    You're right in that I have seen what health issues can do to ones psyche, and affect their overall outlook. I am guarded about it but like anyone can fall prey to it. Vigilance is the best way to stay aware of it!