fixing a hole

Another update on the state of my finances. This month I paid off my second to last credit card as well as the loan on my truck. This has freed up a combined $800+ of monthly income. The truck loan was to be paid off next month, but I decided to do it now and save a little on the interest. Next month the extra income will start going towards the balance on my overdraft protection which will be paid off in mid May. Starting in June I will alternate the extra cash each month towards the remaining loan and cc balances to pay them off.

2200 - Overdraft Protection
4500 - Travel Trailer Loan
9800 - Credit Card
16500 - Total remaining debt

This is starting to feel real good!


  1. You're getting there! That must feel good.

  2. It's similar to a Chopin nocturne. A great feeling but slow to reach the conclusion.

  3. Hey, I am vicariously excited! Good work, seriously. Way to stick it to the financial Man!

    The Good Luck Duck