home improvement iv

Anyone keeping up will recall that I had begun a series of upgrades to the travel trailer. I'm sure you've been wondering what's happened with that. I never stopped purchasing all the odds and ends for it, and have been stockpiling them here at the apartment. If you recall, last September my propane tank was stolen. It was then that I made the decision to stop the upgrades. There was no sense in doing all that work only to have them removed, or worse yet have my whole trailer stolen. This was also partially why I didn't run out to buy and install the entire solar electrical system when I got last years tax return. The other reason is I want to be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest when I am ready to buy. The RV storage lot is secure and monitored 24/7, I just don't trust it as readily since losing my tank. At least not while my trailer is being stored at the very back of the lot and out of view of the cameras. A few weeks ago the owner had a vacancy come up in front and gave the space to me (in full camera view). Now that I'm there I'm gonna resume the upgrades, at least on a limited basis. It'll be nice to get back to working on the rig again and making it more functionally cozy.


  1. Smart move. That would be such a shame after all that work to have someone "walk" away with it. besides you get to save some bucks too.
    You should see my what my washing dishes plan is. LOL A big bowl,soap and a gallon of water. I really want nothing in there until I really know what I need. I hope I haven't missed anything cause my computer has been out. Just got it back today.

  2. I used to do something similar when camping in the desert. We used sand/dirt as a way to soak up and scrub the pans and then a tiny bit of water to rinse it all out.

    Glad you're back and the computer is working again!