well this sucks

On my way home from work today I stopped by the RV storage place where my trailer is at. I usually do this mid week to check in on, and on weekends to work on or wash. The last time was Tuesday of last week, and I didn't make it out over the weekend. Some complete and total ass-hat who probably has never touched human female breast other than his mothers stole my propane tank.

Have you seen me?
Color: White
Height: 12.5"
Weight: 20 Pounds

If you see my LP tank please report it's whereabouts back to me ASAP. If the thief tries to leave with it, you have my permission to incapacitate the thief in any way necessary. And by necessary I mean pick up the tank and strike him behind the base of the skull or squarely between the legs with it.



  1. May the Bird of Paradise take a royal dump on who ever stole it.

  2. Steve, my son built a locked box with a lid and padlock for his hitch mounted tanks. Maybe that would deter future theft.

    Bob (aka stude53)

  3. Well, that just bites the big one!

    Makes me glad mine are under the vehicle, I wouldn't have thought about having to lock them up!

  4. He's not even the hat of an ass. He's an asspants.

  5. Very sorry for your theft. Maybe with any luck the first time he (she) hooks it up and lights the appliance. Woosh... Hiroshima... Karma is a b*tch.

    I was however laughing at the way you wrote the post... Really funny. At least you kept your sense of humor...

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Bob - I may have that done, but don't know if I've got enough room on that tongue for it.

    Croshay - That would be too funny!