road trip

My nephew Blake out for a drive.
I leave tonight (after work) for Socal to visit the lil guy in the picture. He's my nephew and is turning one this weekend. I'm looking forward to going home for this, to see family, and see an army of friends. I'm driving out which makes this that much more of a treat, for me. I wish I could hitch up the trailer and take with, but I'm not staying very long. Only 6 days and 3 of them will be spent driving. I'm hoping to sneak an hour or two out of my drive time to stop and visit Quartzsite rather than pass it by like I always have. The other place I want to see is Tombstone. I've read it's not really much fun, but one of my guilty pleasures is visiting historic western towns and biographies of the historical characters who made them famous.

Which brings me to what I mentioned in my last post. My meditations has brought me to toying with the idea of writing for a living. I'm not sure exactly what I'd write about, and still need to


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