garbage on my mind

One of the things I wondered about was how to handle garbage in a full timing life style. I know RV parks have trash bins and can dump anywhere I travel making this a non issue. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about extended boondocking stays where there are no trash dumpsters. This got me to start thinking about how deal with garbage. The first thing I remembered was reading about how one full timer said he trashed unneeded packaging (after shopping) into the supermarket dumpsters. He also mentioned cutting out and saving any directions that hadn't yet been committed to memory so you avoid guess cooking food. It's a great starting place that helps reduce some of the bulky stuff. Over the last year I started putting into practice that and a few other ideas. My main push was to reduce the amount of trash generated. This is something I (we) take for granted growing up with weekly pick up and normally never give much thought to. I altered my grocery purchases by getting items that came in resealable bags (which are reused later) and/or items with minimal packaging. The difference was dramatic and I was no longer generating as much trash as before. Next I had to solve the issue with the smell and any bugs looking for a free meal. The last thing I want is for my trailer or truck to be overrun with flies or ants or both! For this I started reusing resealable/ziplock bags to hold discarded veggies, trimmed animal fat, and/or empty cans. As an extra precaution I tie them up in leftover cellophane market bags (double bagging it sometimes) to keep kill the smell of spoiling scraps. Also, make sure to squeeze the air out of each bag before sealing to reduce it's volume as well as smells. I've practiced this for the last year or so with great results. It now takes me two weeks to fill a 13 gallon trash bag versus 2 of them in a week. Perfection! I'm figuring the longest I'll sit anywhere before I have to restock is two weeks.

Since nature has a way of proving us wrong repeatedly I decided to put my practices to the test. I placed a full bag out on my patio to see what would happen. No bugs and better yet; the local cat and raccoon population never messed with it after sitting out for a few days. I hope this works with the coyotes, mice, squirrels, and the chipmunks in the desert. I'm not sure what I'll do in bear country and am thinking of just avoiding those areas altogether when they're not hibernating.

If anyone has any ideas that help please share them.



  1. Steve,
    A Cuban friend of mine once said,"we must be rich!...we have so much trash."

    Well, I know that's not true, becuase I'm not rich and I have lots of trash.

    I think you are right on to find ways to reduce trash, because that could be a big problem on the road.

    Just keep thinking "outside the box", then throw away the box. ;)

    Bob (aka stude53)

  2. I'm with you Bob!

    I think we have the same amount of trash as they do. We're just better at collecting and keeping it all in one place :-)


  3. Those are sensible ideas. I especially like the idea of much less packaging, which not only makes your life easier, but eases the planet's burden.

    We collect our garbage in small bags to make quick-stop disposal easier and less conspicuous. I'm still trying to figure out how I could have a mini worm condo in the Duck.


  4. Put all your garbage into a box, wrap it up in gift paper, place in back of yer truck, go to the mall and go shopping. When u come out, garbage gone.

  5. Replies
    1. I accidentally deleted this comment when I meant to publish it. I sort of found a way of keeping it, but as you can see ... just your name was saved.

      I like the idea and may try it. I mean providing I stay in bear country. I'm not fond of forests as much as I am of deserts so I don't know how often I'll get to put it into practice.