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I've been watching videos on youtube.com the last two weeks. Normally it's a complete waste of time. I'm still not sure that I didn't just waste two weeks of time I won't get back. I did a lot of (pseudo) research on various subjects. It was really more of me just clicking whatever interested me in the "Recommended" column. So here's a quick list of all the things I spent a substantial amount of time on (in no order). By substantial I mean that I watched at least more than 6 videos about said subject and/or spent time googling it for further study.

Guinea Pigs as pets
Rats as pets
Squirrels as pets
Chipmunks as pets
Various clips from Star Trek
How to hunt jack rabbits
How to skin jack rabbits
How to hunt quail
How to hunt pheasant
Sons of Anarchy bloopers
Earth bag homes
German shepherd puppies and dogs
Shipping container homes
Homes under 400sq feet
Tiny house movement home tours

In review I'm seeing that I took away a lot more than I realized. The two main things that were reinforced were my desires to raise another german shepherd dog and have a house in the country. There'll be another beagle in there too, but my baby has plenty of years left on her clock. The thought of getting another one isn't being entertained at this time. The tiny house movement was very inspiring and educational because now I know I can get what I want on the cheap. I'm not looking to settle down in one place yet; I am thinking about how I might make that happen when I'm ready.

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