almost terminus

It's been a while. I've had a lot happen since my last post. I'll start off with the girl is no more. What started off nicely turned into a drawn out version of the last twenty minutes of the movie Braveheart. I finally realized that she only brought out the worst in me as well as her having no redeeming qualities. Nothing good would come of this had I tried to maintain anything with her. I did the only logical thing left. I asked that she never speak to me again. Unfortunately she said "would try". This was unacceptable so I went the length of blocking her from being able to call or text me. It's times like this where I'm truly grateful for modern technology. Good riddance!

Not everything between posts has been bad. I've been visited by friends and family in that time. It was a real treat for me to get to show them around this gorgeous area and around the sanctuary where I work at. Matter of fact, even more family is due to visit me in the coming week. I've got a ton of pictures and writing to do, but will be holding off just a little bit longer.

With all the changes that've taken place in my life this past year I felt it was now the blog's turn. I'm currently deciding on whether to try out wordpress or remain with blogger. I'm not really interested in customization so much as good reliable functionality. And I also need to come up with a new name. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any. I'm looking for something a touch less specific than the current one I have. It has to pertain to me but in a more generalized sense. Once I've got all the ducks in a row my final post here will have a link leading to the new blog.


  1. Hi, Steven -

    I'm glad to see you're posting again and thinking about starting up a new site. I was starting to think you'd abandoned the blog (hey, it happens.)

    Anyway, a while back I was looking for examples of real people who'd rebooted their lives in mid-life and somehow found my way to this blog. I read it start to finish over a few days. Your story actually helped me to decide to quit the mindless code-monkey IT job that was slowly turning me into a zombie. I'm still in the "so what the heck do I do now?" mode, but I've only been out of the cubicle for about six weeks. Losing the income was scary, and I may regret quitting someday, but I'm in a much better place now, mentally. So thanks for sharing your story, it certainly helped me to finally put an end to a bad situation in my life. (I think we're about the same age.)

    I've been running a self-hosted Wordpress blog for a couple years, originally started on Typepad. If you make a clean break from the old blogspot blog and don't try to migrate the old posts to the new site it'll be a lot easier. I went the migration route and it was a world of pain, but eventually I got it all moved over. Maybe it's easier moving from blogspot. In any case, Wordpress works like any other blog platform - editor, upload pics, etc. What I liked about it was that some anonymous hosting company like Google/Typepad didn't own my content.

    - Dave

    1. Dave

      I'm touched and humbled that my story helped you change yours in a positive way. If I might share more with you. It was only really scary during the planning stages for me. I learned there was nothing to fear after making the leap. The reality is that we made all the big mistakes in our younger years and know what not to repeat now.

      I didn't abandon my blog so much as life took up more time than normal. That happens a lot to me and has happened before but I always return and pickup where I left off here.

      I'm still on the fence about changing. I'm not too concerned with ownership as much as ease of use as well as a seamless integration with everything else I use. This is where blogger is still winning out, but I'm still reviewing wordpress before I make a final decision.

      Hope to cross paths with you some day!