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I've not yet come up with the new name for the next blog, but I've decided I'm going to stay with blogger. I, instead, will keep posting until a new name hits me and transition over to the new blog when that happens. There have been many changes in my life, both personal and professional over the last few months. I hate keeping everyone whose stayed with me this long in the dark so I'll be catching you up on what's what in my life.

Work has been great but it's review time. Here's hoping I didn't do as badly as I felt I did and managed to garner a raise along with some positive recognition. I've been clued in that there will be some changes coming but I'm not sure what that means exactly. More to follow when I know.

The relationship front came to a horrific and screeching halt for me as you may recall. Things have improved in that I've relaxed from pursuing anything on purpose and simply letting life take its course. I'm not sure where things are going here but I can say that life has been kind and generous with me. I'm grateful.

I had a recent incident involving my remaining parent which I was keeping in touch with. Sadly, I think it's time to end that link as well. It's a heartbreaking epiphany when you've matured beyond your parent's capacity to rise above pettiness and dishonesty.

You know it's not my style to end on a negative note. Over the last three weekends I've hiked. It's not that I haven't before, but this has been a bit more structured. The first weekend I hiked the Zion trails of Angel's Landing (dangerous), Emerald Pools, and The Riverwalk. I had clocked in 13 miles at the end of the day. The following took place in Bryce where I did the Bryce Point & PeekABoo trail where I came in at 7 miles. Today I hiked the only dog friendly trail in Zion which came in at 3.3 miles. Bridgette absolutely loved (deserved) the chance to commune with nature. I was so happy to be able to make that happen for her. She's almost 11 now and still basically a puppy at heart. Who knows how long I actually have with her but I'm doing my best to give her the best still. She deserves it.

More to follow ...

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