home improvement part ii

Just a mini mid week update this time. According to this weeks weather predictions, it looks like I'm going to get the cooler temps I hoped for. We'll see. I managed to come up at least one other thing I can do now. I'm going to replace the analog thermostat for a digital one. Everything I've read about installing it makes it seem very easy, and I'm positive it is. The hard part, which I didn't expect, is in finding the one locally to buy.

Hunter 42999B

Target carries them, but only online. Home Depot, Lowe's, & Walmart do not carry it. Amazon has it and I need to order a volt meter for future upgrades. Since I'm being cheap I'm going for the super saver shipping which means I'll probably get it 8 days after I order it. So much for getting to kill two birds with one stone this weekend. 


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