circadian rhythm interrupted

Sorry for the sporadic updates these last two weeks. I've been worried to the point of distraction and fell behind. This is what's been going on with me.

A few weeks ago there was an open registration for a free health screening where I work at. I signed up for it because they would be coming to the office to do the examination. How could I refuse a free examination while still being paid. I have had health care since being hired on in April, but not since my lay off in 2007. The four year gap without a checkup was a cause for worry, mainly because I haven't taken very good care of myself since landing in Texas. The exam was on Wednesday and consisted of taking my vitals and a little blood. My blood pressure came in at 140/108. I've read and heard how being nervous can affect those results and that was the cause. We have a test machine in office and my BP came in at 131/95 later on. They told me the results from my blood work would take a few weeks and arrive in the mail. I would get to keep worrying a little while longer. Great, Thanks!

When I lived in CA I used to hike year round. When I moved to MN I was still able to hike during the spring, summer, and fall months. When I arrived in TX I thought it would be like CA but was so incredibly wrong. The high summer temps and insect populations love affair with Chinese food made it difficult for me. I did try in the fall and spring but the bugs TX bugs are vicious. Winter has been the only time I can get out and hike safely. Alternatives like bug sprays and treadmills didn't work out due to their own complications with me. In short, I gave up. I really wished I didn't do that because what came next, probably, would have been avoided.

My phone rang as I was just driving into the office. One of the health counselors was calling me to discuss the results from my blood work. I knew this couldn't be good and makes for a shitty way to start out your day. The first thing she told me was that they were forgoing mailing my results to me and would send them via secure email. The next thing she told me was that the majority of my results in my blood work came back as normal. Ok, so far so good but where's the but? That's when she started going into finding a doctor to review my results with as soon as possible. She told me that my cholesterol levels were at 517 and triglycerides at 3570. It was at that moment that I couldn't help but notice that she sounded really cute, for a harbinger of bad news, over the phone.Yeah I know, my mind always does that when I'm stressed. She finished covering the details, said I could call her back anytime, and then hung up. My results arrived via email about an hour later. After looking over my test results, some dietary changes are in order. I had changed it a few months ago, but need to make them a bit more drastic to reverse the damage. I know it's not the end of the world but it is in my nature to not feel at ease until things are back to normal. 

My life is going to kind of suck for a while.

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