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Kindle, not recommended to start campfires.

After I began planning to full time I knew that I would have a lot of free time to read again. Weight is a constant concern so I knew taking my collection with was out. Enter the E-reader. There are many to choose from but I immediately went with the kindle because the options offered are far superior to the competition. It's light weight, can carry several thousand books, has the longest battery life, offers many online options, and is easy to read. The only thing I dislike about it is the lack of that book feel in my hands that I'm used to. Aside from that, I've had mine since January and it has not yet disappointed me. The cost of e-books is for the most part cheaper than standard books, but the availability of free e-books is impressive.

I've named mine Samantha.

The first thing I want to say about this is that it is pure awesome! My first time using one was on a camping trip last year when a friend brought hers along. I was impressed and wanted one of my own right then and there. The cost is what kept me away at first, but REI had a sale price I couldn't refuse. Normally the Jetboil Flash retails at $99.95, but the sale price was $69.95. Ok so that's the Asian in me but in this economy I'll take every penny I can save. I digress. The speed at which these things boil water is crazy fast. I boiled 16 ounces in under 90 seconds, and 32 ounces in 150 seconds.The fuel efficiency of these is impressive as well. They make two fuel can sizes for the Jetboil, 3.5 oz ($3.99) and 8 oz ($5.99) jet fuel cans. There are after maket brands you can buy but it's not recommended and the already low cost makes it senseless. I'll skip all the applications of hot water because there are enough recipes and just add hot water processed foods out there that make getting one a slam dunk. Two additional things worth mentioning is that it comes with a built in igniter and an attachable cooking stand if you wish to use (something other than the companion cup) camping cookware instead. Get one, you will never be disappointed.

In summary if you had to choose between the two I would say get the jetboil over the kindle. However, if you can, get them both even if you have to wait a while between the two. We all need to eat to live, but reading is just as important to really live.


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