i'm no superman

I'm back home this morning. My Weekend at Billy's has been canceled due to poor planning. I failed to take into account the triple digit heat, running the AC, and head winds which made driving at 60MPH a challenge. I made it roughly to the halfway point between here and Capitan, NM before I turned around and went back home. What was my reason for turning back? At the second stop I had a chance to do the math and learned the gas would have cost me $500 round trip. I was getting a whopping 9MPG (I normally get 21MPG on hwy's w/out trailer). This was unacceptable given that I'd gotten 15MPG (w/trailer) on a trip I took last Nov. You can see how much the heat affected my mileage. So I'm cancelling any trips until it gets cold again. Yes I drove home feeling very angry and defeated. At least the lesson cost me half what it could have, and there's still a little money to spare. I'll add it to the budget for the next trip.

I tried to save this by staying someplace out there, but there's nothing close to where I was. Big Bend was south of me but, after doing the math, it would have cost me the same in gas as NM. The Caverns of Sonora was the closest attraction with camping, but was closed on my way back home. It was also above 110 degrees the entire time out there. Now there was a pretty good breeze going, but even with, it felt like being in front of a giant blow dryer. Even my beagle finally gave up leaving the cab when we stopped so she could pee. She held it til we got home and took the longest pee I've ever seen.

The upside to the trip was getting a chance to catch up with lots of friends. One who deserves mention stayed on the phone with me during a small crisis. I neglected to refill my tank and hit a long stretch of highway. I was sure I would run out before making it to the next stop. I pictured the beagle and I melting on the side of the road until help arrived. That didn't happen and I made it to the next station while she distracted me with a risque story about her shimmying out of her pantyhose once during a road trip. When I refilled I learned there was only half a gallon left. That was too close!

The entire day felt like the "Crying Game" shower scene.


  1. Lesson learned:). Glad to know it is so hot elsewhere as it is cold and raining in the Northwest.

  2. If I was already full timing I'd be up in South Dakota or Montana right now. I love the mild summers up there!