it's the little things

Not recommended for pot roasts or casseroles

... like this that make life easier. The Jetboil flash cooking system only boils water, but it does it really really fast. I've had my eye on this for a while but never could justify buying one since I really haven't backpacked in years. It wasn't until REI's upcoming sale ad that I realized that this would be perfect for the trailer. Normally I put away gallons of tea and the one thing I hate is waiting for the water to boil. This does it in a fraction of the time, and has multiple applications for cooking in general. I'm adding it to my kitchenware when it goes on sale this weekend.

The majority of the cookware in my trailer is camping cookware. The stuff is very light, compact, usually built for multiple uses. I've found replacements for almost everything I use daily except for my cast iron fry pan. Nothing beats it and it will most likely be transitioned from kitchen to trailer unless I can find a suitable replacement. 



  1. You're going to have to post a product review!!

  2. I will! It's supposed to arrive today. If it does I'll be breaking it in this weekend.