adventures in being a homebody

My personal life and work have become busier than normal as of late. At first it felt good and I was thinking that I was back on track to a "normal life". It's when things were about to reach a fever pitch that I came to and it brought me back home. Slow down. So over this last weekend I blissfully did almost nothing. I took care of some long overdue maintenance with my truck and then settled in to watch Eureka and V reruns. Drive thru's and some delivery kept me away from any physical activity in the kitchen too.

With wheels this home might be worth something

Now onto the beans and ham. Normally I'm loathe to going anywhere more than (roughly) 10 square miles from where I live. I really hate cities and crowds. Ok, it's not the cities that I hate so much as what happens when you cram that many people into them. I should know since I was born and lived in in the two most populated cities in this country. New York and Los Angeles. After spending more time than is reasonable, I knew early on that I preferred the great outdoors. Way way outdoors. What this brings me to is I'm wondering where and what I will become once I'm finally living in the element that agrees with me most. 

I'm looking forward to meeting that man and hope he's who I wish to become. Indeed!


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