happy birthday sweetie paws

11 weeks old
My little baby girl, Bridgette, turns 7 tomorrow and officially becomes a senior citizen. I really don't have the words to describe what she means to me and leave it to those of you who have or had a pet that meant the world to you. That being said I look forward to sharing my life with her for another 7 or more years. If you haven't picked up on it already. My beagle, one of the notorious gluttons of the canine world, was born on Thanksgiving day. Yes, she's gonna have a turkey dinner with all the trimmings too!


  1. What a cutenik. Many happy returns of the day, Bridgette.

  2. What the Duck said ... and Happy Thanksgiving.

    Bob (aka stude53)

  3. Steve, enjoying your blog! Bridgette is a sweetheart. One of my rescue dogs, Buddy, was born on Thanksgiving day seven years ago. What a coincidence!
    I'm looking forward to future posts.

  4. Belated Thanks Duck & Bob!

    Thank you Jool. Wow, that is quite an uncommon coincidence!

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too!

  5. Damn! I wish blogger would work for me! I ope you made brdgette's birthday all kinds of wonderful! Stumpy is saving a special treat for her when they meet at the RTR!


  6. What a cutie! I was going to say she looks great at 7 and saw the the "11 weeks old". Happy belated birthday sweetie paws.