keeping my nose to the grindstone

Work has been keeping me busy lately, hence the lack of posts. Things are supposed to slow down soon so time will be on my side again. Since my trip to NM I've had nothing but time to think and think I have. Most of it has been devoted towards figuring out a new career since I've had little resources for anything else. I'll cover this in my next post in better detail.

This was a bonus check month as well as a milestone in my debt relief. I payed off a consolidation loan this month which was taken out in January. Now is when that snowball starts rolling faster towards debt freedom. I do have one last hurdle in that I'm hoping I'll be approved for a credit union credit card so that I can balance transfer debt from a bank credit card. Right now, even though I'm paying $100 over the minimum monthly due, I'm being hit by a finance charge which wipes that clean. I'm through with major banks and am moving all my accounts to the credit unions I belong to before the end of next year. Regardless of how that turns out I'll be paying off 3 major loans in the next 6 months and freeing up over a third of my income.


  1. With commitment like you display, you will soon achieve debt free status.

    I'm still working at paying mine down, and every time I get one clocked off I add 75% of that payment toward another bill.

    I'm using the 25% to accumulate the stuff I need for a step van conversion.

    Bob (aka stude53)

  2. Thanks Bob. It's gonna be so nice to not be beholden to anyone!

  3. A third of your income freed! Wow... that's a bunch of cash.. Here's to your future debt relief, man.

  4. Remember how things turned for you after you no longer had rent to pay.I fear something will come along to use that money and not allow me to save it. Still, I hope to sock away something for later.