catching up

I'm a bit late addressing some of these items but wanted to touch on each of them still. I'm spending this Xmas with my family in California and even though I'm still working (remotely) I've got more time to get a lot of these loose ends tied up.

[Happy Anniversary]
I created the blog in Oct 2010. Unfortunately it took me about a month to figure out and get to posting the opener. If you happen to go back and read it .... Yeah I know, I can't believe that took me a whole month to come up with that. Good thing I've been able to come up with slightly more interesting posts since then and even be kind of funny in writing. Friends say I'm much more entertaining in person.

[The Great Purge of 2010]
It was this time last year when I finally got around to reducing 16 moving boxes of stuff down to 3 (that will go into storage when I hit the road). I'd thought that there was going to be another great purge in 2011 but am happy to report that (over the last year) I have done a great job in not adding a single item. The only things I did find that needed to go were some clothes. 

[Significant Other]
I really wrestled with this one last year. I think the thing that made it so hard is that I was kind of missing the things a relationship can bring you. It'd already been about 4 years past a pretty bad breakup I'd gone through. I avoided it during that period and thought I was ready again with everything else in my life getting back on track last year. I examined things and decided against pursuing anything with anyone. That was until I met a girl a little into the new year. Even though parts of me (guess which ones - tee hee) were willing to pursue her my heart wasn't into it and we only ever remained friends. That tested my resolve but I'm glad to say that that, and time have shown me that I'd made the right decision. It's not that I don't ever want a relationship again. I really do. I reevaluated my decision about not dating at all when I hit the road and decided to open myself to the possibility at that time. To Mrs right, I really hope you're out there and will be ready then. I'm a little bit tired of waking up to find myself spooning beagle. Don't get me wrong because I love her to death and she me. It's just not the same.


  1. I hear ya, mate.
    I am on the same path as well as I shared with you... If she comes... she comes.
    Happy Holidays, Christmas and Hannukah!


  2. There are pro's and con's to relationships. On most days, I am wondering what the pro's are. I really love my kids. As you do with your furry baby. I could do without lousy in laws! Nothing is ever perfect in anything!!!

  3. Serendipity baby. Sometimes we find the best things when we're not even looking...

  4. Relationship? Sometimes casual is highly underated. Just saying.

  5. I suppose I could always just get another dog.

  6. The more I learn about myself, the more I am happier with just being me. Once I decided that happiness can be produced from within without any external stimulation, I have discovered that I have less and less need for someone outside of myself to make me happy.

  7. You do know that while waiting for Ms. Right... you are free to enjoy Ms. Right Now. There are many women out there who really don't want to be your Ms. Right (I know, hard to believe) but would be content for you to be their Mr. Right Now. Guys seem to think they are the only ones who think this way and that is just not true. My GF has her "adventures" and I have my "Boi Toy Right Now" (well, not RIGHT NOW she is working in Florida for six months. Society has brain washed people into thinking that everything is ONE WAY... and it is not. Put on your ZEN pants and be one with everything... form no attachments... and focus on the moment in front of you right now.

    Just my take on it...
    Peace and Release

    1. Funny what a difference a year can make. I've never been opposed to the right now thing. I simply never bothered to put any more effort into it other than what you'd read, and let go of it all. I've never been happier since doing so and am content in living with whatever happens, happens.