why are you doing this - leftovers

What's the matter, cat got your tongue?

When I wrote about this last June I thought I covered things fairly well. I didn't. I realized I left out a sub-group of friends whom I've nicknamed "The Silence". These are the people who listen quietly and say nothing. When pressed, more often than not, their opinion is not a favorable one. At other times they simply don't have an opinion, but this is the exception rather than the rule. The unfavorable opinion spectrum runs from general concern to an immediate and condescending change of opinion about you and the lifestyle change. I have a handful of friends who fell into this category. I understand the wisdom of saying nothing when you have nothing good to say. This makes sense if you don't know the person and it's none of your business but it's absolute rubbish when it comes to friends. Positive or negative, something you say might be a missing piece of info they'll need.

Why wouldn't you where a friend is concerned?

Ok this part was added after the fact. I felt I had a bit more to say when I read what I'd written this morning. I realize this is just a me thing, but it irks me so I'm getting it off my chest. I've had a few occasions where the mere mention (direct or indirect) about my plans results in "the silence". I guess this is one of those times in life where I'm learning who my real friends are versus the fairweather friends.


  1. Maybe your silent folks are afraid to laugh at you. I have people that outright laugh.
    Now and again I forget and try to tell someone what I am planning. I usually regret it. Glad I found you Steve.

  2. With the kind of friends I keep, they're not shy about laughing at me. Vice versa too.