out of sorts

Been that way ever since I got back almost two weeks ago from my trip. It's been a real struggle to feel even halfway normal about the routine again, but I'm trudging through.

The morning after the wedding I took the slow way back to my parents home via the Ortega hwy. It was the perfect counter balance to two non-stop crazy days. Later that night I had a big old delicious dinner with the folks and my sister's family. The following day was spent having meals with various friends and picking up a few odds and ends before returning home the following morning. I always stop by the Ranch 99 market to score some hard to get Chinese groceries and fresh Bao. 

My first stop was to Slab City since I forgot to leave my friend a few things on the way in. I got in much earlier and it was thankfully cooler than my last visit. After unloading, hanging out, and talking for a bit we went to East Jesus. This a place I've been wanting to see but didn't get a chance to on prior visits. It was everything I've come to expect of it but much better to see in person. It was about this time that the beagle started panting pretty heavily signaling that it was time for us to go. After dropping my friend off back at her rig we were back on the road. This time we took state hwy 78 out, and the drive is well worth it based on the scenery alone. 

The rest of the trip was uneventful except for two things. The first thing was in Phoenix where I made a pilgrimage to the Airguns of Arizona store and scored a few minor, but needed items for my air rifle. The second happened in New Mexico right before I crossed into Texas. Construction is in full swing there, and I had the good fortune of a rock being kicked up and into my windshield. It put a nice healthy crack across the lower half but has been replaced already. 


  1. Is it hard to resume because the trip was so good?

    1. You know I'm not really sure just yet. The trip was great as was being a part of the wedding. I think I'm this way now because I hadn't been on the road in over 6 months. It's hard to concentrate on what's at hand when my mind is out there.

  2. All the excitement? Now back to work!!! Yeah I feel ya kid. Give extra hugs to the furry girl.