the speech went great

Lets do this!
I just got back from two plus days of non-stop action, heat, fun, and booze. Out of all the weddings I've been to this one went off without a single problem, large or small. This is a testament to my friends and their respective families. The day before the wedding all the guys went golfing. There was plenty of beer and tequila shots to be had and I modestly had my share. My game became progressively worse before even reaching the 9th hole. I'm convinced the local wildlife thought I was aiming for them with each tee off. I swear I even hit a roadrunner once but couldn't find the body. I also think I got a touch of poison oak, but it's mild and doesn't itch. I think I have the booze to thank for this. By the way, locking up the wheels on a golf cart as you screech to a halt, funnest thing ever! As the title states the speech went great. Great in the sense that I winged instead of scripting it. Well actually, I winged it within a traditional structure of what a best man's speech should be. Thank the parents, thank the guests, tell a story about the groom, and closed it with a quote as we toasted the bride and groom. Yes I was nervous and probably could've soiled myself without ever realizing it, but I didn't. This kind of stuff can be a little nerve wracking because of how much and what they mean to me. My friend's loved it and I couldn't be happier that I didn't let them down.

On that note I'm gonna go get me some beers to take the edge off this hangover.


  1. I'm glad the past-tense of "wing" is not "wang."

    That is all.

    1. I've been known to "wang" a thing or two on occasion. I'm just saying.