shadows in the rain

This may be my second to last night here in this apartment. I say second to last because I may have to delay my final move out by one extra day due to the rain. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow and the new place is an hour away. Anyone who has lived any amount of time in South Texas knows this isn't just a light on and off rain either. It's a full on down pour. flash floods, and massive flooding kind of rain. I love the rain, especially Texas rain. I hate delays of any kind. Combinations like this are precisely what strips away whatever hold I have left on sanity.


  1. Oh no...you too??? I like for everything to be done yesterday. When plans have to change, I'm like a little kid, so very disappointed.
    I've got my fingers crossed for you that this won't drag out for much longer.
    Chin up, you're almost there!!!

    1. I've learned to deal with them and not lose it, but they still make one mad. You know how it goes.