trading up (sorta, well yeah)

Over the weekend I moved some more stuff up including the trailer this time. The new storage lot isn't as nice as the one I just left, and had me a little worried. The day after I saw for myself that all the storage lots in the area look the same and learned (from the local law) that thefts are nil to low compared to where it used to be stored. Whew!

The Chinese market up here is a warehouse in comparison to where I'm at. I've been able to reacquaint myself with a great many dishes recently because of said groceries. Unfortunately for me, it would really help if I remembered to bring them home with me, so I get to live off of canned and delivery food this week.

Here's the other thing I traded up on this weekend. It looks like a bicycle pump, but it's not. It's a high pressure hand pump for my air rifle. 3000 psi of pressure if you're wondering. It's a great and inexpensive way of refueling my air rifle which only requires a little elbow grease. The upswing is that it makes for a decent workout as you reach the target pressure of the rifle. The downswing is sweat uncontrollably regardless of your level of fitness where I live. I know because I'm in decent shape and watched a coworker whose in better shape melt as he worked on refilling my rifle. Enter the upgrade.

This is a high pressure 4500 psi carbon fiber air tank. It will give me about 10 refills using only a hose, and (thankfully) only the muscles in my hand. It's lightweight and a little taller than a ruler making it easy to take into the field. I mean should I ever need to shoot 320 times during a hunt. Although even with a 50% hit/kill ratio I don't think I would ever be able to consume 160 rabbits/birds from a single hunt. I mean even before the meat spoiled, frozen or not. I'm thrilled because it helps me avoid sweat fests when refilling during target practice. The best part is being able to take part of a holiday weekend sale which saved me a fortune on it.

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