gone to a better place

No I'm not dead, and neither is the beagle. Point of fact we're both doing very well and are adjusting nicely to life in our new home. Even though I've spent a bit more money moving here than anticipated, I've still managed to come out ahead. Here are a few of the things I've discovered over the last two weeks.

I called to update my address and learned that my auto/renters insurance would be dropping by $300 per year.

Last March I discovered a lump on Bridgette and had it checked out. The vet told me that it was an subcutaneous abscess and that it would eventually shrink over time. Something about the diagnosis didn't sit right with me, but I accepted it since it wasn't bothering her. I knew it wasn't cancer because I'm familiar with the symptoms having lost a dog to it. I kind of let it go until it started bothering me enough to finally go and get a second opinion yesterday. Turns out that the past vet didn't document their findings very well so they decided to aspirate again. The vet diagnosed it as a lipoma (benign fatty tumor), and not an abscess. I could finally relax about it and know my baby will be with me a while longer.

The commute to work here is closer than my old one. I'm driving 120 less miles a month, and saving about $30 per month in gas.

There's beer delivery service here. Yes it's at extra cost, but that's the price of convenience.

This isn't to say there haven't been rough spots. I'm rediscovering the pitfalls of co-habitating after having lived alone for the last several years. Thankfully the adjustments aren't painful and it is after all only temporary. The other downside is that four days of my workweek are about 11 hours long due to my commute. I know I said the local office is close, but from there I catch a shuttle that takes me to the city where my home office is based out of. I spend about 3 hours commuting during those days. The boss was kind enough to let me work from here on Fridays, and I'm hoping he'll allow me to increase those days.

It's good!


  1. I'm glad to read that the both of you are doing okay....and saving money on top of that! :)
    Beer delivery service??? Ha, that's pretty awesome!

    1. Much appreciated! Saving money aside, beer delivery is a godsend especially if you've already been drinking.

  2. If your beer delivery guy also delivers pizza, it's pretty perfect.

    1. They're linked to a food delivery service where pizza is but one of many items they'll carry to your doorstep. If I was the lazy gluttonous type, which thankfully I'm not, this would most definitely be the end of me.