my butt hurts

My new place is on the second story. I spent almost every weekend over the last two months hauling stuff up here, with last weekend being the final haul. Oddly enough that wasn't the cause of the pain. Now that I'm permanently here I find myself constantly going up and down two flights of stairs each day. Sometimes I'm taking the beagle out to do her business, going to/coming home from work, getting stuff out of my truck, going back to my truck because I forgot something, taking out the trash, and taking the beagle out for a walk. This is a drastic change from the sedentary first floor everything is super easy to get to lifestyle I just left behind. Here's where it gets weird, and why I'm bothering to tell you about it. You'd think my main thought would be "my butt hurts, this sucks", but that wasn't it. Here's a little insight into why. I grew up in a family where the women far outnumber the men. So the first thought in my head was "I'm gonna have a real firm ass after nine months of this". 

This was one of those moments in life when I realized why I'm so oddly messed up.

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