cake day & new toys

On Friday while packing for the trip a birthday gift arrived from my sissy. My birthday was yesterday. The timing was perfect since I needed it for my upcoming as well as future trips. She got me a map bag I had on my Amazon wish list that I'd forgotten to order a few weeks back. I'm the proud owner of a man purse, or murse now. Now I have a place to toss my glasses, phone, backup battery, checkbook, notepad, pen, bluetooth headset, thumb drive, cables, rechargers, and keys into. I used to carry this all around in a laptop backpack along with a few other items, but is impractical when it came to easy access and overall weight.

At work there was a company wide fear that we would not be getting our quarterly profit sharing checks due to a change in how it pays out. Turns out the fear was unfounded and it paid out only 3% less than the year prior. This was great news and timing. It allowed me to treat myself to a tablet. I bought the Google Nexus 7 and absolutely love it! I didn't even have to configure it to my liking since it did it on it's own. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 which also uses the android OS, and that is configured to use the Google backup service. Once I signed on with my account Google backup automatically reconfigured the tablet as well as installing all my (relevant) apps onto it. One last plug. Office Depot (where purchased from) offers a two year protection plan that will replace it for almost any reason at extra cost of $39.99. I got it since I'm going to be out there somewhere and will most likely break it at least once. Twice probably.

I'm really pleased with how far mobile computing has come along in the last four years. Because of it I can now carry less on my person while still being able to do everything I did and more than before. And just for fun here's a montage of me modeling the new bag with all my junk in it.


  1. Happy birthday Steve. Been doing the professional modeling for long?

    1. I used to be a hand model, until they caught me at it one day.