last day at work

It is done. Today was my last day of corporate employment (for now) and it feels great. I was set to leave tonight but the traffic drastically reduced the time I needed to get things ready for my scheduled departure. I also had an unexpected email last night which contributed towards my delay in a big way. I'll write about that later as the story is still unfolding. Instead of being on the road right now, I'm drinking some delicious Shiner Bock Wild Hare pale ale before we go out to devour a tasty Thai dinner tonight.

I'll spare you all the gory last day details and will only say that it's a bittersweet parting. Yes, that just happened and I went Shakespeare on you. Digressing. The company isn't a bad overall and is one of the best to work for in the country despite my recent posts about the changes going on there.. It's the people that make a place great and they've  been fantastic to me. Hence the bittersweet. Regardless, I'm done and begin tomorrow morning my next adventure.

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