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First off, I want to wish you all a belated merry xmas and happy new year.

Last month has been my most challenging one to date. In addition to dealing with snowy weather and the holidays, I'm now working with some legitimately problematic dogs. The upside is that less than half are that way. Still, it's been more than enough to leave me wiped out at the end of the day and/or my weekends. Hence the lack of posts until now. 

In no particular order here's a bullet list of stuff that's happened.
  • Incoming water hose/black & grey water tank valves froze several times
  • A dog bit me (again, but this time it was just a scratch)
  • Bridgette had six teeth pulled on her dental
  • Installed a camco rv vent cover (it looks nifty!)
  • External water filter exploded shortly after freezing
  • Had to get a tooth recapped
  • Started playing Eve Online again
  • Had a very hard time adjusting to my new area/dogs
  • Learned many new and useful skills from the Dogtown Trainers
  • Now own and love my first pair of Muck boots!
  • Overcame my difficulties and owning new work duties like a boss
  • Finally got B a new winter coat
  • Helped cross over a dog I cared for in my first area
  • Made best friendsies with some of the worst dogs in my (new) area

So yeah, the ride got a little rough there. I'm stronger for it now and up is still the only direction for me.

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