a touch overdue

Sorry about the extended break in posting. We had a break in the weather and I decided to take advantage by living life more and blogging less. We're finally thawing out from two weeks of snowy weather and I realized that I completely skipped the month of February. To be honest my life has literally gone to the dogs.

Ok, so in reality it's not all been about dogs. Now that I'm somewhat established here and am coming along in learning my new trade, I've kind of been thinking of a way to mess it all up. Yup, I'm talking about actually possibly dating again. For the most part I've avoided the possibility of it over the past decade even though I've pontificated then on whether to do so or not. The difference then versus now is that I'm in a place where I've always wanted to be and happy. This isn't me saying I've hated all the places I've been at, so much as I simply am happier in more rural settings. Getting back on track I have met a few distinct prospects. Nothing I'm willing to elaborate on at this time, but I will do so in subsequent posts.

All things being equal I do apologize for the lapse in posts. I had kind of taken to a more pictorial version of story telling via Instagram over the last few months. Anyone wishing to follow me there as well as here need only look up "kneemow" on instagram to find me. I'm listed as private but will add you.