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A few things first before I get on with it. I got to meet a fellow full timer at work recently. She happened to volunteer in my area and thru the course of normal conversation discovered we've many blogger friends in common. I was to meet her for lunch the day before her departure but wound up not being able to make it due to a crisis with a friend/coworker. I never got a chance to let her know what happened much the less exchange contact info. I'm hoping Tony and Karen will do me a kindness and relay my apologies to Miss J.

A failed selfie w/Winter

Picking up where I last left off. I started talking about how happy I've been and how I'm open to the possibility of dating again. I guess that as of recent I've had quite a few revelations. One of them has been this blog. I spent the last week randomly jumping around reading my own stuff and came to the conclusion that it's overall kind of dry. Anyone who's met me in person knows that I'm anything but. At first I kind of couldn't remember why I did that, and then it sort of dawned on me. I wasn't in the greatest headspace at the time I started this. Because of that, dry seemed to be the best choice to chronicle my journey and avoid tainting this with any of the negativity I was feeling at the time. I think I even made a few horrible attempts at failed humor which underscored how I wasn't on top of my game. As you know things did improve for me, but I kind of left my blogging style locked on autopilot. I hope I had a few posts where the real me slipped out making you literally laugh out loud at something I wrote.

A sleeping dog, lying.

Ok. So dating. I feel I'm ready which has got to mean I'm not or that I'm looking to screw up the good streak I've been experiencing. When I started working here I was told that the ratio of men to women was so low that new guys often get pounced on by the women. I even had one of the founders on a tour jokingly ask me if this was true. I replied that "I didn't know what they're talking about". They all laughed, but what I said was true. I wasn't putting it out there at that time. A coworker kind of clued me into this a few months back which explained why they weren't. I had the chance to see the whole pouncing thing happen when they hired a male who was open to it when he started here. One of the girls landed him. I'm on the fence to be honest, and here's why. I'm in a small border town in Utah with roughly 4500 residents. The locals are Mormon, enough said. My employer draws in job seekers from all over the country, most of them being female. A small percentage of them play for the other team, but not as many as the rumors make it out to be. Most are actually straight which widens the pool. Yay. Most are younger than myself, much younger. This doesn't mean I'm exactly ass out. Double entendre unintended. I have this rule of not dating coworkers regardless of them being in the same dept or not. To me having the same CEO = coworkers. I'm at an impasse and will have to relax some personal rules if I'm to find companionship.

If anyone recalls. I'd originally thought I'd be hopping towns like other full timers. Then, dating seemed like an absurd impossibility compared to what I've actually got in front of me now. I guess I can be thankful that the internet is for porn, and it got me through the rough spots. I'm kidding.

What I'm really trying to say is that I have no idea what, or even whom, I'm going to do. In the interim I've got my hobbies to keep me occupied and hope that they will curb my .... needs.


  1. I'll let Miss J. know what happened. I'm glad that you guys got to meet.
    Good luck with the dating scene! :-)