it's not a tumor

B's results came back earlier than expected and both the original tumor and the lipoma are benign. The explanation for the lipoma is that it suffered from something called crush syndrome and is currently infarcting. I'd forgotten that about 3-4 weeks ago B got under foot, tripped me, and I landed partially on her. This was despite my best efforts to not do so, but I'm living in a travel trailer so there are only so many places I can fall where she's not. I am so utterly and completely relieved at this point. B is also getting her stitches removed a day earlier where the vet and I will tie up the loose ends on what may or may not come next.

I'm glad that this chapter is ending on such a good note in lieu of the challenges we've endured these last four months. For (four also) months I've been meaning to talk in greater detail about the work I've been doing in my new profession. A few weeks ago a new kid arrived in our area.

This sweet boy is named Lego, and is my new project dog. His issues and needs area different than the ones I've learned to work with so far, and I was up for a new challenge. For anyone wanting to keep up with his story I urge you to follow his story here ... Lego's Story. I and my two other teammates will be writing updates about his progress in the coming weeks/months.

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  1. I am glad to read you are doing OK even if there are challenges in your new job. You've been there now for a couple years already, right? Take care!