time time time

. . . see what's become of me.

I've had so many things enter and slip away which I've been meaning to write about, but never seem to find the time to do so before it slips away into the ether again. Most has been life happening while making other plans, but part of it is my (fault) re-immersion into the world of Eve Online. The recent upgrades/changes/rebalancing has made it too good to resist playing again. Which leads into why my social life has taken a total dive. I've not tried to keep/maintain more than the bare minimum of relations over this past winter. I feel only slightly guilty over my total lack of social interaction effort.

In all of this my health has been wavering despite my healthy physical activity. A lot of somethings have been happening to me and after a lot of discussions with coworkers and some deep self evaluation. I'm getting fucking old and it sucks. My body has been handling most of what I do fairly well, but I'm realizing that I need a little more time than it used to take to recover.

In the immediate future I've got an appointment scheduled in a few days. Seems I may have contracted a bug that's going around which, in turn, has led me to make an unexpected discovery regarding my health. Nothing life or death, as far as I can tell now, but am going to get checked out all the same.

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  1. Hope your checkup doesn't find any problems.

    I did laugh when I saw that you couldn't resist reading the thread about dogs. You probably got them all stirred up again. :-D

    It was nice to finally meet you in person after all of this time. Thanks for suggesting the cafeteria. Everything was really good! We'll stopped by again the next time we come through the area.