Late in 2014 I started using the Google Fit App to track how much walking I was doing. After a few months I had enough data to get a decent baseline. From that I learned that I walk three to eight miles a (working) day. My average total walk time is roughly three hours where I also average 14,000 steps. So just for fun I decided to track the year of 2015. In that year I walked a total of 1040 miles. This is based on a conservative estimate that I walked at least four miles a day. It also doesn't take into account all the weekend hikes that I'd done as well as the occasional mountain biking excursions. The actual mileage is probably closer to 1500. Like a mailman I walk regardless of weather conditions. This terrain here is made up of soft sand and/or rocky ground during the warmer months, but hardens in the winter until it snows. Walking in sand/snow makes you work harder which equals better health benefits. I've also worn out three pairs of shoes, not that this helped my health per se but I felt it relevant. I really need to find something more durable to invest in for the warmer months. During the winters I break out my Muck Chore boots which have held up beautifully after two winters. I'm not sure how much I'm in the sun, but I know it's more than the recommended 30 minutes per day to get your daily vitamin D dose.

All of these things add up to a very healthy year for me from the simple act of walking. Wow!

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  1. Hi Steven, we're in your neighborhood! We're boondocked off of Hancock Road. We have a package due at the post office in Kanab so we're hanging around until it arrives. Do you have any free time? We could meet you at Animal Friends or in Kanab. Whatever is best for you. Please let us treat you to lunch or dinner!

    Sorry about the short notice. We were out in the boonies without internet.

    Karen and Tony