history and the beagle

I've moved about four times in the last three years to two different states. Each move was meant to improve my quality of life and financial circumstances. The improvement was always short lived given how quickly the economy was deteriorating. I had this plan to buy a house in the burbs and some land out in the middle of nowhere. When the time came to retire (an early one) I would sell the house and use that money to build me a modest ranch house. Unfortunately the economy decimated those plans with the worst part taking place over the last year. This was devastating for me in every way, but I managed to still land on my feet. Sort of. I was homeless for almost a year.

I didn't want to wind up in a tent city so I started researching before I hit the streets. It was this research that led me to the world of Boondocking/Full Timing. To be honest I thought it was a novel idea but completely impractical. Yet, something about it kept pulling me back in. The more I learned the less impractical it was. Some of you reading this have blogs which has helped me in ways I don't think I could ever repay you for.

Things finally turned around when I landed a contract position last March. It's given me the time to prepare and financially afford the travel trailer.

The beagle has been by my side through all of this. I seriously would've lost my mind without her.

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