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I've been assessing what I've spent and what's left to spend in order to get my trailer full time ready. The list below has been broken up into what I need and then a choice of going for either solar or gas power. I will get both eventually but I can only afford to do one or the other if I was to lose my job today. 

A little over a year ago that I had no money or job in sight when I started planning this. I almost can't believe that I'm here now. I do need this job for a little while longer to pay down/off a few bills. I'll discuss future employment/financial issues in the coming weeks, but not in any detail at this point. I digress.

Here's a list of stuff I purchased so far which came out to around $200.

Basic Required Trailer Items
$10. Brass water pressure regulator
$13. Jack pads
$9. Wheel chocks
$25. Rhino flex sewer slinky
$22. Sewer slinky support stand
$12. 25ft drinking water hose
$18. Drinking water filter
$28. Tri-links leveling pads
$9. 30 to 15 amp dogbone
$30. Titanium camping cooking pots + tea kettle
$9. Skoy cloth
$9. Sterilite 4 drawer organizer for kitchen ware

And the stuff I still need to get totals out around 3500K or 2200K for the single power option. 

Assorted Boondocking Items
$140. Fantastic Vent 4000R
$50. Vortex Vent Fan Replacement Kit
$180. 10x LED Light Bulbs
$210. 2x Trojan T-105 6v Batteries
$20. Dual Propane Tank Holder
$210. 2x Litecylinder Propane Tanks

Solar Power
$850. 2x AM RV100 Solar Panels
$340. Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024iL Charge Control System
$250. Blue Sky IPNPRO-S Battery Monitoring System

Gas Power
$1300. Honda EU2000i Portable Generator

Took this the day I bought it. July 2010

I'm not sure where I was going with this or what I wanted to say in this post any more. The purge-fest of personal stuff and Xmas prep have taken up all my time lately. 

I'm just going to say I hope something in this post helps and that you have a Merry Christmas!


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