little boxes, little boxes

In preparing for a full timing life, I spent the better part of the last two weeks cleaning out my closets. I had in total 16 moving boxes that were never unpacked after moving to San Antonio. My apartment was a disaster zone during this project. I sorted everything into donate, keep, or trash piles. In the end I managed to reduce all that into 3 boxes of stuff to keep (which go to the parents home for storage). The beagle was extremely happy to get her playground back as the only safe harbor was the couch.

I'm not finished either, but thankfully the kitchen is the last place that I have to go through. A few random appliances, pyrex, assorted glasses and mugs and I'm done. Whatever is left will be sold, go to my family, or into storage.

I've read about how liberating it is to finally get rid of stuff. I felt that, and it feels great. I also feel like a moron for not having gotten rid of it before I moved. Twice! I did lighten the load before each move but nothing like this. This really is cathartic to rid yourself of so much stuff. I never realized how little I need it all until I was homeless for a bit. I wonder if this is what it's kind of like to be an Indian Sadhu? They give up everything and live life on the streets.

Ok probably not since I've got the beagle, a trailer, and this isn't India.