full time employment at last?

well it turns out the company I've been contracting at for a year (tomorrow) has finally made me an offer. unfortunately the numbers are a bit on the low side and we're currently negotiating. And by negotiating I mean telling them I can't afford to live on what they want to pay me. it's less (per hour) than what I started out at last year. I gave them a number and have yet to hear back from them. I have a feeling they're going to balk at it again which means I will have to respectfully decline it and remain as a contractor. I realize by doing so this won't put me in a good light and they'll look to end my contract. I'm not only ok with this, I'm mostly prepared for it as I will be hitting the road a little bit sooner than I had planned.

I love how, sometimes, life hands you material.



  1. Hi Steve....good for you in not being a doormat and deciding to just become mobile sooner than you thought....I like how you think....