job update, the girl, and the beagle

They gave me what I asked for and I accepted the job offer. As of Monday next week I will be a full time employee and a contractor no longer.What does this mean for my full timing plans? Nothing! Nothing changes as I still intend to keep working while I ready my trailer with all the wonderful parts and pieces that make that life possible. You know, solar panels, batteries, portable generators, blow up dolls, and just kidding. No blow up dolls. I swear! The job comes with benefits and I've been sorely lacking those for the past few years. Now I can get my eyes checked and probably some sorely needed new glasses. I'll get the rest of me checked out too. I signed a 6 month lease renewal 2 months ago which starts the same day as the job. I'll have 4 months before I have to tell them I'm renewing or not and should know by then whether I'll be ready or not. All in all, this is working out quite well for me.

The day I left for my nephew's weekend birthday party I had a chance meeting as I was getting ready to leave. I'd taken the beagle out to do her business before we left and wound up meeting a neighbor of mine. A female neighbor, who is very cute, and also has a dog. Long story short we started talking and my departure was delayed by an hour because we hit it off. Skip ahead one month later. We've been talking on a semi daily basis since a little after I got back. She's a great girl and I'm enjoying the time we spend together. I don't know where this is going and am letting nature take it's course. Will this interrupt my plans to full time? I don't see that being the case but can't predict the future where this stuff is concerned. I'm staying the course with my fulltiming plans unless something moves me to plan otherwise.

Bridgette (not the designated driver)

Nothing good or bad has happened to the beagle. I haven't mentioned her in a while and thought that I should. She's such a good dog!


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