bridgette's lump

It's been over a month since we first discovered and later had it aspirated at the vet's office. I'm happy to report that it is shrinking just like they said it would. At least it started to shrink after last weeks follow up visit for additional booster shots. I almost shelled out another $160 for this visit but was talked into purchasing a health plan at the last minute for her. After reviewing everything, I came to the conclusion that it made sense since she officially turned the corner into senior citizenship last year. Normally these things aren't very cost effective unless your pet is a walking calamity of one sort or another. The plan includes unltd office visits, 2 comprehensive exams/tests, blood work, and teeth cleaning (which she's long overdue for). The overall cost of the plan versus an itemized cost of what they give you is a steal! I went ahead and had them perform the first comprehensive exam and she's in perfect health.

I haz a health plan!


  1. Glad your baby is doing good. Smart idea about the health plan. Most of my dogs have healthy but once they reach those years *sigh* its time for more vet visits. She looks so calm there!!!

  2. I hope I'm in that good of shape when I'm her age in dog years. Wait, I am her age in dog years Ohhh Noooo.